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The Den of Victorianity

I'm back, baby!

I'm back, baby!

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Cat Face
Hello people who read this crap!

It has been brought to my attention by a certain hatted fellow who shall remain nameless who is called Matt that I haven't actually written anything in a very long time. You are all, no doubt, wondering whether I really exist or whether I was actually a figment of your fevered imagination. Well good news: I am an actual person and here I am writing a fine brand spanking new post for your pleasure and delight.
I notice that Katie recently had the good idea of writing a sort of review of the year...
well I'm not going to do that. Instead I'm going to carry on writing as if I've never been away, as if you all know exactly what I've been doing the whole time I've been in York.

So this guy has now decided he's going to leave us in the lurch while he has his kid and when that happens there's no way I'm getting a holiday!

Hmmm, frankly I can already start to see problems emerging.
Maybe I will fill you in a bit.

Since arriving in York me and Katie have had a fantastic time. We've quickly made a lot of new friends which by itself seems a bit of an alien experience. When we moved to Chester I think we made about six or seven friends in the entire time we were there, whereas I now can't go about an hour without seeing someone I know. It reminds me a lot of being a student. I thought most things would remind me of being a student, that I would start pining for education just as I did in Chester but it's not really happened. I definitely don't feel like a student, despite the accommodation, the people and conversation topics, but it's fine because since moving to York I haven't really wanted to feel like a student. I want to get out and into the world in a way that I had absolutely no inclination of doing during my time spent in Chester. I want to get out and into the world of english related jobs.
Sadly it hasn't really turned out the way I wanted yet.
I'm still stuck in retail.
I'm working in a fancy dress shop in the city centre of York.
"Great! Fancy dress - that sounds really fun!"
Well it might be if my boss wasn't a huge dick. Looking over my entries since September last year I find them littlered with complaints about jobs and bosses and whilst re-reading them I got bored. Therefore I'm going to refrain from going on about it and instead just say that he's lazy, officious, unprofessional and tight fisted. It's not much fun. I'm getting on with it. I'm looking for a new job in the new year.
On the plus side it has mean that I've not been losing any sleep over money recently and as jobs go the work is easy enough.
Lack of money worries has meant that me and Katie have been able to enjoy ourselves a lot more in terms of going out. We've spent more time at the pub in the last three months of living in York than we did for the whole fourteen months of living in Chester. We've been to the cinema once every other week. We even went to see Alan Bennet's 'Enjoy' at the theatre royal. I feel like we're leading a proper life again and actually engaging with the world.
Then of course there's Lords, or The Lords of Misrule - the medieval drama society that me and Katie joined. It's basically a studenty thing but they're pretty relaxed about who's involved. I got to be an old shepherd, and talk in middle english and uncover a mysterious plot involving a sheep disguised as a baby. Rad!
I'm certainly going to do it again next year. I've not done any sort of drama in about four years and it's surprising how much I've missed it. It's felt so fantastic to be able to go to rehearsals and learn lines and do all that sort of thing again.

So yes, that's my time in York so far.
I do miss Chester ever so much, despite my up and down year. I think rather than the city it's the people I miss. There's still a huge hole where Ben and Maki and TJP used to be. I miss them and it sucks that it's going to be the new year before I have a chance to see any of them again.
Our flat too was awesome. God damn I miss having a kitchen and washing machine to ourselves.
Still. York is amazing and I can't see us leaving any time soon if we can help it.

Before I depart form this rather lengthy post I'm going to lay some wicked sick facts on you:

1. I had a letter published in the Judge Dredd Megazine recently and received a free copy of a Bad Company comic collection called 'Goodbye, Krool World'. It's awesome...awesome to the max
2. Me and Katie have now been together more than two and a half years. WOWZ!
3. I got 'American Tabloid' by James Ellroy for my birthday and I still haven't read it. I am teh suck.
4. I got a box set of the Sergio Leone 'Man with No Name' spaghetti western trilogy.
5. The latest Hives album is aces. Well...it's probably not but a have a distinct soft spot for it.
6. Golden Compass = thumbs up. They didn't balls it up. Someone needs a medal...probably Phillip Pullman
7. I think I have run out of facts.
8. Oh wait! We got Christmas cards (and letters) from so many people! If you are one of those people you need some serious thanking and wishing of seasonal greetings.

In fact, seasonal greetings for all of you.

Maybe I will be a bit better at updating this bastard in future.

P.S. A fresh start with posting deserves a fresh userpic and I thought this one suitably awesome.
P.P.S. You guys reading this on Facebook now all lose out because you're stuck with a picture of me shouting.
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