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The Den of Victorianity

Christ-mast and others

Christ-mast and others

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Well yesterday me and Katie got back from Shropshire where we spent Christmas with my family. It was a super awesome time and I had many of my consumerist wishes fulfilled. Trains there and back were a bit of a nuisance - on the way there the train broke down about a minute outside Wolverhampton. We sat there about forty minutes before another train came to rescue us. It was extremely annoying while we were waiting but as soon as we were on the other train the conductor was so pleased that they'd managed to line up two train doors in the dark that it was hard to be grumpy with them.
Excellent presents included a dinosaur board-game where you have to excavate the dinosaurs from a block of plaster with a chisel and a brush before you can play, Watchmen (which I've had on my computer for far too long) and Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. I'm unconcerned with your review of it, Samuel, I'm having an ace time with it...although revisiting the Ocean King's Temple all the time is fast becoming a large pain the behind.
Then on boxing day some of my Shropshire friends came along and we played on the nintendo Wii for a bit and watched Children of Men. It's been so long since I''ve seen any of my old school friends; it seems to be the way of things these days. So yes - people who live close: come and see us in York or invite us to see you. I'm looking very meaningfully at you Alex Terrance and Matthew (in the Hatthew). Also, more seriously, I have made it a new year's resolution to get around more this year and become reacquainted with people I should never have become unacquainted with. It's right up there along with 'get out (and stay out) of overdraft' and 'go swimming more'
So yes, anyway, Christmas, all was fantastic. I ate too much, drank too much and generally had a fantabulous time. Messed about with my brother, which was awesome because, again, I don't see enough of him.
Wasted about an hour watching Doctor Who though...jeez, they're not getting better are they? "I am the Doctor. I am a timelord. I am nine hundred and floppity-flop years old. I am going to talk to you like you are all morons and as though any of this matters to the story." Augh! It was too too badly written. Still it could be worse, they could be doing another series of Torchwood. What? They're what? La-la-la-la-la-la, I can't hear you, la-la-la-la-la.

Oh, oh oh! I received the new Futurama film on DVD on Christmas eve! It's...Well I can't actually tell you because when I opened the box the flippin disc wasn't in there! So yes, I have to wait a couple of weeks for a replacement. I'm so tense I might just gesplode.

So now we're settled back in in York nicely. We've been more or less on our own in Constantine for the last week or so and it's still the case now so we've just been taking the opportunity to have some Tom and Katie time - making tasty meals, having a glass of wine and watching Grand Designs...oh, I think I just realised that I'm forty. BLAST YOU AGED MIND!
But we're off again on Monday: we're spending new year at Katie's dad's in Hereford. More fun times aboard trains to come but also fun times with relatives and relaxation; they're the main things.

So scoop-de-woop.
  • Yes

    I've been meaning to invite you guys up for a while. After you moved in I wanted to let you get to know the neighbours, and then November whistled past and then i didn't want to disturb any Christmas plans you may have had and here4 we are. All in all; I'm rubbish.

    Next year you can pop up and have a great big meal with my family, though it may have to be after January as we're getting a new kitchen (luckily we're getting rid of the old one at the same time otherwise I don't know where we'd have put it!)

    I remember the run up to Christmas day I was... actually this is getting so long I'm going to make a 'blog entry.

    • Re: Yes

      Well I will accept that everybody has had a lot on these past few months - It's just the way of things.
      However, we must redouble our efforts in the year of 2008.
      Soo there will be awesomeness.
      It's just biding its time...biding its time.

      I don't really know what I'm saying any more.
      I'm going to get some food.
  • "although revisiting the Ocean King's Temple all the time is fast becoming a large pain the behind"

    It was when I went back there the fourth time (I think) and suddenly all the invincible guards turned red and could move much faster that I realised Nintendo had actually gone mad with power and sold the game.

    Also that speech in Doctor Who was blatantly just for the trailers. It was an okay episode - I liked the fact that the hugely annoying guy that every sane person would want to die didn't die, and it's not every day you get to see Kylie driving a fork-lift truck into firey oblivion.
    • I don't really think writing scenes PURELY because they might make a good bit for a trailer is very good practise for writing a script. I remian un-enthused by the episode.

      Also I think there's enough in Zelda to keep me happy. It was quite funny playing it last night in bed and waking Katie up by shouting "I WANT THAT SALVAGE ARM!"
      Still, the repeted bits get more annoying every time I have to go back. It's not particularly innovative is it?
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