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The Den of Victorianity

Man, I'd be pissed off

Man, I'd be pissed off

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Cat Face

Why the hell isn't Jesus a saint?
There are so many crumby saints around that only got their sainthood(?) because some frog ribbited at an old woman near where he died or something. You'd think Jesus, with all his crazy ass magics, would get something.
Popes too. Do they get automatically sainted or something?
Being the representative of god on earth is pretty miraculous I'd say. I bet loads of people pray to/for/of/around the Pope. By the law of averages alone some of those prayers must come true; therefore - sainthood.

Who'd be Jesus/The Pope eh?


:EDIT: the word 'something' appears three times in quick succession in this post. This is grammatically poor.

  • "Jesus" is actually the next step up from "saint", but only that one guy's achieved it so far. His name was originally Robert Christ.

    It goes like this:

    Double Priest
    Demi Moore

    Doctor's higher up than priest 'cos they can do operations and dig up dinosaurs at the same time. Demi Moore's quite high because one time she saved a whole country's worth of orphans (Albania, I think it was) from terrarists.
    • When Demi moore cries on camera you can see the silhouette of an angel playing yahtzee with a basset hound in her tears. Sometimes the dice thrown by the Basset hound spell out the word "happiness".

      Basset hounds are the holiest of all the dog breeds - FACT.
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