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The Den of Victorianity

You have no chance to survive make your time

You have no chance to survive make your time

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Hello how are you gentlemen!!
I'm feeling a bit internet retro today..internetro you might say. I wouldn't though because it's a fucking terrible joke and shame on you for laughing. Also, shame on those of you who didn't laugh - you are bad friends.
Well, with such a warming and friendly start to a post what might you expect to read in later paragraphs. Good news or bad news? It could go either way, am I right? You're just sitting there on your tentacles, breathless with anticipation. You might have your surmises and your guesstimates but only time will tell. You better stop fart-arsing around with this nonsense and read on lest you become inextricably entangled in my convoluted high-falutin' lexicony.

We're off to the sea-side of Aberystwyth on Friday and let me tell you I'm not a little excited. I've been like a jolly regenbogen colouring his surroundings with the spectrum of happiness. I get to go to the Ship and Castle again (yes that will almost certainly be the highlight of my visit). There will be much merriment and reacquaintance with old friends. Mr. Shell, Mr. Tide, Mrs Camera Obscura - all the favourites!
More good news is that I've finally started writing again. Even better is that probably for the first time ever I know exactly what I want from the characters, style and plot. I'm not putting any crazy ideas out here just yet but maybe I'll actually do something half decent and stick it up. If I do it won't be for a good long while yet.

I might update and add to this a bit more when I get home later.

Well, that's about it.
Have fun!
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