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The Den of Victorianity

Well, clearly I didn't update further when I got home...

Well, clearly I didn't update further when I got home...

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Cat Face

So the edit/update has arrived almost exactly twenty-four later. Yeah, I forgot I had a Lords of Misrule rehearsal to attend.
It's almost certainly the best thing in York.
If you require proof of this bold and daring suggestion then look no further than the next lines which are soon to be appearing before your gentle lids...
We are performing a Viking Saga.
We will be speaking Old Norse.
I am playing a Viking Leader called Snorri.
He is an evil genius.
I get to fight with swords on stage.
We will be performing it in a recreated Viking house.

If any of your happen to be around York at the beginning of May I'm afraid I must insist that you come and see me and Katie be wicked-sick Vikings! It will beat the Guinness World Record for WOOT!

I think me and Katie and few others are off to see Juno at the cinema tonight. We've not seen anything in a while...probably not since the Golden Compass so I'm quite looking forward to it. It looks like a good one too. Then NEXT week they're showing There Wil Be Blood which I really don't want to miss. Daniel Day Lewis is amazing and 100% insane.

Work is a load of old bollocks at the moment and it's starting to really get to me. There are the immediate problems of boredom, general everyday "oh god it's work" dread and the fact that my boss is a total patoot. He's like fifteen patoots! But I'm also starting to feel the longterm grind of it now. The fact that it's not what I want to be doing, it's got nothing to do with my ambitions and it's a constant pain in the be-hind.
Therefore I've started a search for some sort of un-sales related office work. It'll be a change of scenery and it would look good on my CV for future applications to work in possible journalism environments. So, yes. That begins as soon as I get back from Aberystwyth.

I think that's everything for the moment then.
Have good times!

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